Office Manager

Esther became a TheraPlayer in September of 2018. She is our Billing Assistant, and we are very excited to have her join our Team.  Esther went to school at Christian Family Ministry Academy and is excited to learn this new skill and be apart of our Family.  She enjoys many things but her favorite ones are riding her bike, photography, eating and drinking coffee!  She has worked with children for over 4 years and knows how to have fun and enjoy the little things!

Brittany Becker, OTR

Katelyn joined the team in September 2017. She is a graduate from Brown Mackie College and is ready to start her career!  She is very passionate about occupational therapy and says the reason she went into this field is because of all the positive impacts you can make in peoples lives to improve their quality of life.  She enjoys the creativity that goes into working with children while helping them achieve their goals.  She loves to spend time with her son and enjoying the outdoors.

Katie Noller, PT

Brandee joined us in April 2016 and has been an OTR for 21 years. She agreed to take on the challenge of the Lead Therapist in July 2018. One of the reasons why she went into this field is to help people in all stages and aspects of life.  She went to Newman University and graduated in 1997.  "I enjoy working at TheraPlay Spot because it allows me to fill-in-the-gap for children who do not qualify for school therapy, or need additional support. I am able to be in better touch with the parents, be a link in the chain of hope and progress."  She likes spending time with family and being involved as a parent in her children's activities.

Owner, Clinical Director

Our Occupational Therapists

Steph joined the team in May 2015 as the Office Manager when Melissa became the Billing Manager. She is also the Accounting/H.R. Manager. She keeps the office running, keeps Kris in line, manages the student volunteers, learns new tasks every week, all while maintaining a playful spirit to keep things lighthearted at work. She has spent most of her career days in Long Term Care, but has now flipped the switch to work in the pediatric side of things.  Some of her favorite things to do is spend time with her family and enjoy the outdoors.

Our Property Engineer 

Renee Blaes

Director of First Impressions 

Andrea has been a pediatric PT for 25 years with experience working in acute care, NICU, schools, home visits, and outpatient. She has always worked with the pediatric population and enjoys the teamwork involving families and their needs and goals. When she's not at work, Andrea is a mom to four boys. She spends a lot of time cooking to feed them and going to their sporting activities.

Heidi is a mini Australian shepherd and joined the TheraPlayer team when she was a wee pup in April 2016. She enjoys greeting the children, chasing balls and lasers, following people around when they have food, jumping head first into the ball pit, and (the most favoritest doggy joy of all) getting in the trash. You may have heard her full name: Heidi Get-Out-of-the-Trash. 

Esther Wold

Riki--the longest-serving TheraPlayer after the owner--has been with us since September 2012 and has worked in pediatrics since 2003. She graduated from Newman University and has been an OTR since 2001.  Her professional passion is to help children discover the joys life has to offer and to see them live up to their potential.  She loves spending time with family, K-State football, reading, and watching her favorite shows on TV. 

Amber joined our team in September of 2017.  She graduated from K-State with her bachelors and went on to WSU to get her doctorate.  Amber has been a PT for the past 7 years and went into this field to give children the tools to become as independent as possible which allows them to be active participants during functional motor and play skills.  Some of her hobbies include volunteering and fostering dogs for Beauties and Beasts, spending time with her husband and fur-kids.

Front Office Assistant 

Melissa Thomas

​​Amber became a TheraPlayer in February 2016.  She has been in this field for 14 years and received her COTA degree from Barton County Community College.  She helped care for her grandmother after a stroke and was able to witness first hand the difference an OT can make.  Her hobbies include attending her 4 daughters sporting/theatre/musical events and photography.  

Hannah  joined us in October 2017.  You will see her in the front office making sure that you are taken care of.  She says she is so excited to be working for a place that is making such a huge difference in the lives of children and their families! She believes that one of the greatest feelings is to know you are a part of something that is helping others.  Her favorite past times are watching movies, gardening and crafting.

Meghan joined the TheraPlayer Team in May 2018.  She is a recent graduate from Newman University.  Her #1 reason for going into this field is to make a difference in peoples lives and have fun doing so.  She has always wanted to work with kids.  She thinks they have so much joy and can be so imaginative that performing and participating in therapy becomes fun, creative and challenging for them and her.  Meghan enjoys more than working with kids, she enjoys playing volleyball or softball, reading bike riding, camping, coloring, watching movies and spending time with friends and family.

Lead Therapist

To help children & their families succeed where they would otherwise struggle.

Melissa--the second-longest-serving TheraPlayer--joined TheraPlay Spot in April 2013 as an Office Assistant, was promoted to Office Manager, and has worked her way up to being an effective Billing Manager. She has been handling all of the financials, including insurance billing and patient invoicing since October of 2014.  If there is a money or insurance issue of any kind she is our go-to person. She has spent most of her life working as a CNA & CMA, but found her strength to be in medical billing and patient accounts. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and their three boys. 

TheraPlay Spot, 560 N Exposition St, Wichita, KS 67203  Phone: 316-618-1252   Fax: 316-869-2277 

Our Physical Therapists

Riki Voth, OTR

Billing Assistant 

Hannah Wold

Our Office Staff

Brandee Young, OTR

TheraPlay Spot Family


Paige Jordan, COTA

Billing & Accounts Manager

David Dickinson

Renee joined us in May 2016. She is the initial person that will greet you when you come to see us, which is a new position for those of you who remember our old clinic where there was no room for a front desk. She is a former Special Ed. para and job coach that worked in the elementary and high schools.  She likes to spend time with her 8 grandchildren and of course her doggies!

Andrea Veenis, PT

Meghan McCloskey, COTA

Amber Schwind, COTA

Brittany joined the TheraPlayers in September 2018.

Katie joined the TheraPlayers in January of 2015.  She has been a PT for 40 years.  She went into this field to help assist people with handicaps, disabilities or injuries become as successful as possible in life and develop their physical capabilities to the upmost.  Her hobbies include gardening, yoga, scrapbooking, and mentoring single women with children in Project Fresh Hope.

Amber Teal, PT


   Kris Dickinson, M.S., OTR/L 

Originally from Wichita, Kris got her bachelors from KU & her masters in Occupational Therapy from Western Michigan University in 1993. Almost all of her OT years have been in pediatric settings and over half of those in private practice. After many years of being away from Kansas, she returned to Wichita in 2010 and opened TheraPlay Spot in June 2012. When she started TheraPlay Spot with just herself and 10 children in a little house, she could have never imagined that TheraPlay Spot would help over 1000 children in just a little over 6 years! Although her caseload is small, she still enjoys treating, and occasionally gets to cover for other therapists. She is humbled by the responsibility of her evolving leadership role and is proud of the TheraPlayers--both past and present--who each have had a critical part in the dynamic growth of the company. 


Our woodsy & family-friendly waiting room!

TheraPlay Spot

Stephanie Bull

Paige joined the TheraPlayer Team in June 2018.  She loves kids and being able to see them learn, grow and overcome obstacles!  She went to Newman University where she graduated.  She has been in the field for 7 years.  When she isn't here with us, she enjoys gardening, traveling, playing sports and spending time with her son.  She is a wonderful addition to our team!


Katelyn Peacock, COTA

Our Therapy Doggy in Training

Since we moved into the large clinic in November 2015, David can be found most days around the clinic in his overalls while making dramatic changes and improvements to the building. He also is the resident maintenance guy, computer repairman, IT dude, office and gym creator, electrician, carpenter, painter, plumber, carpet cleaner, dog walker, equipment purchaser, landlord to the Office Spots tenants, and confidant (and husband) to the owner.