Elizabeth looks forward to seeing Jan come over for therapy.  Without Jan in her life, Elizabeth would not have learned to play with her hands and upper body.  She can now play independently and with friends.  We are so very thankful for the impact TheraPlay made on her life.  She is proving her diagnosis wrong and we are thrilled to see the rest of her progress.

A.S. mom of 2 yr old.

"Such an upbeat, positive place.  Both of my kids enjoy their time spent with Tracey & Riki."                                          

A.M. Mother of 9 & 10 year old.

Love how friendly the staff is.  They are very flexible!

Everyone has been so very knowledgeable and understanding.  it makes life easier to know your child is in good hands with people who are willing to help.

K.W. Mother of 5 yr old.

"We Love TheraPlay Spot!"

We are so happy with OT here!  4th State and our favorite OT so far!! Max has had such a positive experience!

K.M mom of 8 yr old.

"We have had the honor of having two of our children go through the TheraPlay Spot program and it has been incredible to see my kids grow so much with the help of our amazing therapist.  The clinic is so fun, my kids were begging me to go to therapy every week.  I have loved working with everyone and the clinic, they all have such a passion for what they do.  Everyone from therapist to the office staff love these kids.  We are excited to see our kids have progressed enough to graduate after 2 years of services but we are sad to say goodbye to our friends at TheraPlay Spot."

                                                                                                             K.W. Mom of 6 year old. 2015

You guys are wonderful.

God Bless You!

Duriel has been with TheraPlay Spot for 2 years.  TheraPlay Spot has always accepted and nurtured my son.  Through his challenges they have helped him grow.   Duriel has always enjoyed the fun friendly atmosphere this facility has created.  Duriel at 2 was unable to run or ride a bike.  Since TheraPlay he is able to do both and much more.  I am anxious to see what the future holds.

A.G. Mother of 5 yr old.

Jack looks forward to his time with Jan every week and we/ve seen so much improvement that we brag on you all ALOT to everyone we meet who mentions needing OT services!  You seem to have a very busy clinic lately, so I'm guessing the"secret"is out and the rest of Wichita has discovered what we already knew.....that the best place in town for occupational therapy is TheraPlay Spot!

A.V. Mom of 7 yr old. 

Thank you, Savannna,  for working so patiently with Emily!

Jackson has come so far since starting therapy with Savannah, and Riki.  His favorite thing to do is play on the slide.  He always wants to see his friends (therapists)!

M.F. Mom of 5 yr old. 

Want to leave us some feedback?

TheraPlay Spot is so friendly and welcoming-Love the Woodsy Theme!  Chase has made significant progress over the past year thru weekly interaction with his OT, Jan.  He looks forward to his appointments.  My favorite thing about TheraPlay Spot is the relaxed, kid focused environment that's made for exploration and building imagination through play and learning activities-I can't imagine any better place for Chase to go to reach his full potential!

T.W. Mom of 3 1/2 yr old.

When I told my 11 yr old he would be going to OT today he replied..."Yeah, I love it there!"

T.M. Mom of 11 yr old.

We have been here for about a year now.  My daughter has progressed much more than she had at a previous place.  She loves coming here and is so excited to see her therapists every week.  She makes new strides every week.

T. C. Mom on 2 yr old.

We have adored and cherished every therapist during our 2 1/2 years at TheraPlay Spot.  We have been excited to watch both TheraPlay Spot and our kids' skills grow over the years.  When Jonathan began OT, he struggled to function in a classroom setting and had a learned sense of helplessness.  Through work on dexterity, core strength, coordination and moderating "his engine," he has a renewed sense of confidence and capability.  All of that combined with the improvement in his handwriting skills have finally allowed him to be a "normal kid" in class.  Many thanks to EVERYONE at TheraPlay Spot.                L.R. mom of 10 yr old. 2016

"My daughter has made significant progress with balance and coordination since starting OT at TheraPlay Spot.  She used to be afraid of playground equipment and now climbs rock walls and monkey bars as well as learning how to swing herself.  She has made leaps and bounds with her fine motor skills, going from basically no scissor skills to cutting out pictures.  I am so happy we found this place, it has improved her life in so many ways!Thank You TheraPlay Spot!! "                                       

                                    S. H. Mom of 6 year old.

"TheraPlay Spot has been such a blessing to our family.  Upon moving to Wichita a year and a half ago, we tried two other therapy places that just weren't the right fit for our son.  He needed a place that was welcoming so he wouldn't have so much anxiety.  He needed therapists who were patient and helpful, but also playful with him.  TheraPlay Spot is all of what he needs and more, we actually call it the "play house", he's had enough clinical stuff in his life.  The therapists have came up with so many strategies that are suitable to Salem's needs and they  always give me feedback as well as advice on what I can do to help him at home.  Such a difference this place has made."                                          C.M. Mom of 5 year old

"We started a year ago in May and Jake wasn't doing much at all.  Riki started working with him and he just flowered!  He started doing so much better.  I recommend TheraPlay Spot to anybody who has children needing therapy.  Early intervention is essential!! Thank you so much for all you do for Jacob!"

      D.H. Nurse to 4 year old.

This place, for our family, has given us the tools we need to be affective parents.  We continue to use that we have learned to not only help our son, but educate other parents that may have been struggling for answers just like we were.  Kris is kind, and down to earth and loves our kid.  Tracey is fun and our son loves doing activities with her.

We have seen so much growth, and cannot say enough about the therapy we got here that saved our son, and repaired our family.

E.P. Mother of 8 yr old.

Thank you for getting us in so promptly! Very accessible & friendly environment.

A.A. Dad of 4 yr old. 5/16

You are the best therapy place we have had.  Very flexible on scheduling!  Very thorough with Jakes therapy, he has reached many milstones since we have started coming here! 

"Before coming here Corban would have a meltdown by just a drop of water hitting his pants, and his ankles were so bad from scratching and wouldn't keep lotion on, now he doesn't scratch at his ankles and is learning to control his outbursts....Thank You!"            A.E. Mom of 9 year old.

Aaron had a brain tumor which was removed in Aug. 2014.  This affected both his motor skills and his physical skills.  Jan his OT and Andrea his PT have been working with Aaron and they are amazing.  He loves coming to TheraPlay Spot to “play”.  He has improved so much that he is starting to be his old self again, thanks to TheraPlay Spot.  We appreciate you and you are Awesome. God Bless you for all that you have done for Aaron.

V.J. Grandmother of 9 yr old.

"We have 2 children that continue to have OT there.  TheraPlay Spot is AMAZING and well worth the 4-hr drive each way!"  

T.S. Mother of both a 6 & 9 year old.

TheraPlay Spot, 560 N Exposition St, Wichita, KS 67203  Phone: 316-618-1252   Fax: 316-869-2277   itsfun@theraplayspot.com 

Lovethe professional, friendly approach!

We've seen progress with transitions.

C.R. Parent of 7 yr old.

We began at TheraPlay last fall and have loved every session. Brecken has made so many forward steps on learning to learn, and Riki is a huge part of that.  Riki's energy shows in Brecken's excitement to walk in the door each week.  She giggles with joy knowing it is time to "play".  Brecken has improved focus, motor skills, balance and more.  We are so excited to see more of her potential shining through each day!

T.R. & M.R. Mom & Dad

of 3 yr old.

Our experience with TheraPlay Spot has been Amazing!  Riki knows how to work with Tytan's sensory problems and is wonderful at it.   Tytan loves coming here and he loves the obstacle courses Riki makes for him.  Tytan is learning different skills to help him through his disabilities.  It has made a huge impact on his life and we are very thankful!!                                                           J.R. mom of 6 yr old.

We have been members of the TheraPlay family since Ava was a newborn.  She was born with an extremely rare condition called Moebius Syndrome.  We work with Savanna for physical therapy and Jan for occupational therapy.  Not only do they go above and beyond to ensure Ava's needs are met, they set realistic goals that are age appropriate and cater to Ava's ability.  We appreciate that they take the time to teach us how to do the exercises so we can practice at home.  To say that Savanna, Jan and the entire TheraPlay team have been a crucial part of Ava's success and development would be an understatement.  We feel so lucky to be a part of something so great!

R. B Mom of 11 month old.

We are so Grateful to TheraPlay and Riki!  Through a brilliant combination of play and work my sons handwriting has gone from indecipherable filled with reversals to near perfection! 

T.S. Mother of 9 yr old.